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Disappointment in Bo'ness

I’ve had better Tuesday nights.

Listen we let ourselves down last night. It’s as simple as that. For the first forty five minutes we never laid a glove. Bo’ness were much sharper and we couldn’t get to grips with their rotations. It would be easy to make excuses, especially after Saturdays fiasco, but the long and short of it is Bo’ness were just much better on the night.

Going 3-0 down in the first half gave us an absolute mountain to climb. But we were exactly where we deserved to be in that moment. I said to the lads at half time they had a decision to make going into the second half. We regrouped a little and the positives to take away were that we were at least a lot more competitive in the second forty five. If we’d started that way, I’m not so sure the scoreline would’ve been as wide however that’s just hindsight. We hit the bar and their goalkeeper produces two incredible stops and Harry (McGill) pops up with an emphatic finish to give us a glimmer of hope. Sadly that’s all it was though. As we threw more bodies forward and had our best phase in the game, Bo’ness once again show why they are at the top of the league. They were just much more clinical at the top end of the pitch. Defensively we maybe have to make better individual decisions, but we move on.

This division is so tight and a bad run can certainly get you into trouble so it’s extremely important we steady ourselves and regain the momentum we’ve gathered. We’ve got a good honest group in there and they know we expect better. Saturday’s match against Armadale Thistle won’t be easy again but it’s a great opportunity to get last night out the systems.

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