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Ger's thoughts after a harsh lesson

Sometimes you just have to humble yourself.

Self-reflection in these moments is critical. We were punished in a crazy 8 minute period and gave ourselves next to no chance. To be honest though, we can’t keep passing up opportunities in the manner that we do at the other end. We aren’t scoring enough goals at the top end of the pitch for the dominance we have at times and that’s not just a reflection of today’s game, but it’s something that we definitely need to put right going forward as it’s coming back to hurt us.

Obviously the result is still raw. Did I see it coming? No. However Dalkeith were just clinical. We made too many individual errors and gave ourselves a real mountain to climb once again. It’s crazy because our performance wasn’t as bad as the result would suggest but the visitors wasted nothing in front of goal. We on the other hand have to be big enough to admit we passed up too many good moments. And as they say, goals no doubt change games but when we bring it back to 1-1 I felt we would compose ourselves and kick on. Frustratingly we do the opposite and by the half hour point in the game it was nearly out of sight. We make naïve decisions at crucial moments and were put to the sword.

I’ve always been honest with the group so they know where I stand. We’ve had a better start to the league campaign this year but we have to put this one behind us and start putting more points on the board. In the tougher moments you look for people to stand up but there’s no panic. We have to address a few things but we don’t lose sight of all the hard work we’ve put in, we certainly don’t become a bad team overnight and the boys have to remember this.

Looking for positives young Fraser Stewart stood up and took on instructions. Harry (McGill) and Mikey (Bardhi) showed flashes and Luke (MacLean) comes off the bench getting more minutes under his belt. The boys know we need more. Yesterday it could’ve been a high scoring match for both sides but we need to take a leaf out of the visitors book and be more ruthless. Although it’s a real sore one, it’s a game we have to learn from and move on from quickly.

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