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Paul's thoughts after Rovers get bogged down

Updated: Apr 15

Dreadful conditions both underfoot and overhead played a huge part in yesterday’s defeat in a match where there really nothing between the two sides. South were just that bit more clinical with their chances when they had the wind advantage and that’s what got them the points in the end.


We probably should’ve been ahead a halftime with the chances we had and some good goalkeeping from the South denied that and we go into the break goalless.


Second half against the wind was always going to be hard against a good side and in the end we got punished for our own individual mistakes late in the game. It certainly didn’t help having to twice juggle our already depleted defence due to injury but as I’ve said, if we take our own chances first half then we’re in a much better position to get something from the match.


Sometimes if you aren’t getting the breaks you’ve just got to battle and be hard to beat but we didn’t do that to our capability yesterday.


Games are coming thick and fast though as we head into the season’s end and we have a good chance to go again on Wednesday night when Ormiston Primrose come down. The players have been doing so well of late so we won’t let Saturday affect us and go again for the three points.


All the best to the South on their push for promotion.


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