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Down but certainly not out after Dalkeith defeat

Our levels were night and day this weekend compared to last. Unfortunately, we just didn’t take the initiative when we had it.

I think if you dug out the archives from our last encounter vs Dalkeith, I’m more than sure the after match chat wouldn’t be too dissimilar from today’s analysis. We created countless opportunities in the final third but we just couldn’t get the ball over the line. It is coming though, of that I’m certain!

Minus 7 players today, it shows just how strong our squad is though. The group never look for excuses and neither will I. So it’s again testament to some of the boys who have had to be patient to get back in. They came in today and never put a foot wrong. I felt Jamie (Mackay) was a standout at right back throughout the 90 having probably been unfortunate with a lack of minutes of late, young James Clare goes from strength to strength and Fraser Stewart was a standout alongside his midfield partners Grant Doyle and Ross Lamb who also never put a foot wrong all day. It’s a tough one to take, but if you don’t take your chances, you can play as well as you want but you won’t pick up points so we have to address this.

We probably switch off for their first goal which was a poor one to give away after controlling the majority of the first half. And for the second, there’s a phase where we just don’t react quickly enough. Again arguably against the run of play. But our luck will turn in the attacking third. The boys work too hard for it not to.

I’d say it’s the best we’ve played thus far since returning from a 2-month enforced lay-off and on a tricky pitch too but we’ve come up just a little short. So I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to feel.

I’m never one for making excuses and we don’t lose the game as a direct result but there’s also a level of mutual respect that people should be shown within the game. Today there were a few occasions where I’m left sat scratching my head with some of the events and I’ve never felt more disappointed with how certain things were handled today.

Anyway, we look to next weekend in a game we must be at our very best if we want to get anything from it. As always, we will stick together and aim to get our season back on track!

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