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Ger on Leith cup win

When people ask you why you do it, it’s definitely a lot easier to explain after nights like the one we had yesterday.

At this level there are so many sacrifices boys have to make as a group. Giving up full weekends travelling the country. Showing up on the nights that have you questioning your life choices. Hurricane Leadburn battering off you with every arctic element known to man. But I often try to remind myself that one day it will be over. And you’ll miss it all. Even the frostbitten fingers.

Last night the lads went out and showed what we internally knew they were capable of. After last weekend’s crazy result, I’m not sure if Leith maybe underestimated us a little but after 15 minutes they most definitely knew they were in a game. To a man our boys worked their socks off from start to finish. From Cammy (Hanratty) to our forward players everyone, played their part. Individually it’s the old cliché saying that it’s hard or even unfair to pick out individuals after such a performance but I did feel young Fraser (Stewart) deserved a pat on the back for his performance. He performed well ahead of his years once again, but we needed every single player to be at their very best and that’s what they were.

Macca (Luke MacLean) gets a real strikers goal with a sharp finish and at the other end Cammy stood up to everything fired his way. Defensively, we were back to our best and in the final third, albeit for former Rovers fans favourite Ben McGinley making some incredible stops, we might’ve found ourselves in a little bit more of a comfortable position. But that wouldn’t be the Rovers way now would it!

It’s easy to get carried away with a solid result like last night’s and we will allow the players to enjoy it, however the coaching staff’s attention switches straight away to Wednesday night’s border derby vs Hawick Royal Albert.

So to answer the earlier question, why do you do it? Simply put, for some of us it’s all we know…

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