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Ger's reflections on winning end to the season

Three wins from three to finish off the season!

As we now enter into the close season, the boys have managed to put a strong finish together to end the 22/23 campaign.

Yesterday’s game probably looked a little closer than the 2-1 score line would suggest however. I think if we had come in at the break 4-0 up, no one would have been surprised. Resilience was the key word used throughout the afternoon though and that’s exactly what the boys were. Having seen a couple of Stirling’s lowland league players on the park, we knew it was going to be a tough day at the office to finish off the season but having said that the boys once again proved that on their day they can match anyone in the division. We were guilty of passing up a few chances in both halves of the match and in true Rovers fashion made life a little more difficult than it needed to be. But full credit to them, they found a way and got the job done.

It’s been a massive effort this season by all. In my pre-match notes I had explained how this group have gone above and beyond for the management team so it would be unfair to single out individuals on the last day, but what I will say is that we’ve definitely got a squad that is capable of even more. I’ve been lucky enough over the years to have shared changing rooms with some great individuals however you’ll have to go a serious distance to find a better bunch of lads than the ones that occupy the Rovers changing room just now. So for one final time I send my sincere thanks to them for sticking by me and making this adventure even more worthwhile. And to the management team. When results haven’t been quite what we were hoping for, you’ve all somehow managed to scrape me up off the floor, refocused and made sure we were ready to go again. It’s been a monumental effort.

Finally a huge thanks for all of the support we have received this season on and off the park. As we try to drive this club forward again we will need you all now more than ever. Close season we will be chapping doors and sending out the war cry for sponsorship and further support. The club literally depends on its fantastic local support and for that we are eternally grateful.

Enjoy the close season, and there will no doubt be a warm welcome awaiting you for the next adventure in 23/24!


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