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Ger's thoughts on a disappointing afternoon

I didn’t see that coming to be honest, but everything that could’ve gone wrong on the day did.

Week after week I think I’ve sat for the majority of my weekends praising the lads. However yesterday’s game is still a really hard one to digest.

We made four really poor errors within the game and Thornton needed no second invitation, they accepted their presented gifts and punished us. We also saw a penalty awarded for something I’m still scratching my head about. But the long and short of it is we single handedly threw the game away all by ourselves by that point, which is really out of character and bitterly disappointing.

We get off to a really poor start and after only 8 minutes we are chasing the game a bit. We do however go on to create three guilt edged chances at the other end, and minus a fantastic save from their goalkeeper we pass the other two up but I felt we started to dominate the game. Just before half time though, we shoot ourselves in the foot.

Sometime I think there are games you just have to be at to make sense of what has happened. The score line seems of the ridiculous nature and that’s probably why I’m sitting here with so much frustration. However, we take part in the game for large periods again and against very experienced opposition. The harsh reality is that we weren’t ruthless enough at one end we have self-destructed, probably for the first time this season, and inflicted our own punishment at the other. But we have to move on.

The boys are better than that and I’m sure they will do absolutely everything to get back on track ahead of a big cup match at Leith Athletic on Friday night.

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