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Manager Ger Rossi on cup exit at Penicuik

Where to start after that one?

I’ve been lucky enough to have shared many a good changing room over the years with all different types of characters. And as you start to get older you probably put a lot of things into a different kind of perspective when you are coming to the end of your playing days. You value different types of people for different types of reasons. The experience you gather over the years probably allows you to figure out early on if something has a chance of catching fire. If another project is worth the sacrifice.

At Peebles Rovers I saw more than enough on my return to convince me that going through that managerial love hate rollercoaster all over again, would at least be backed up by a group of boys that would never leave anything behind. And that’s no doubt what swung it for me. Good, bad or indifferent result wise I’m still to be proven wrong in my theory. They never give up. And I’m just proud that against a premier league side today we saw on the park the exact reason I find myself back in that dug out. Hating absolutely every single second of it but being too addicted to it for all the right kind of reasons. It’s impossible to explain I know!

On the game itself, I felt for large parts again we controlled our areas extremely well. Over the piece we maybe even created the better chances. In the dying embers of the second half it was almost one of those frustrating compliments that a team with all the resources at their disposal were taking the ball into the corner to see out the game. I think that told its own story. A magnificent finish from Cal Mackenzie and a free kick out the top drawer again from our skipper Ross Lamb, pushed a strong Penicuik side all the way. We were undone however by a throw in that was actually given our way to then be overruled. And we didn’t react quickly enough as our players pushed forward. No doubts it was a punch in the throat. To lose the game in that kind of fashion is a small reminder that the game can be extremely cruel. Myself and Brogie asked for a performance first and foremost today and the boys gave us that and then some. And although nothing was achieved in the way of a result, the positives we take away more than outshines any negative.

We’ve come a long way!

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