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Paul's thoughts on narrow defeat to league leaders

Updated: Feb 4

After the game, we feel a wee tad deflated as on another day we get a draw or go on and win the game. In fairness, for anyone watching they would feel we deserved at least something from the match and we certainly feel that would’ve been the right outcome from a proud and passionate performance.


Coming in as the manager has been hard so far as I’m still kicking every ball with the boys from the side while not playing. It’s just small details that make them come in 2-1 at down halftime after losing two goals in a minute right at the break. But the thing that’s building in this dressing room is the belief that we can compete with anyone.

And certainly for the other 89 mins of the game, we more than matched our competition.


They have scored two worldies right at the end of the first half and we felt a bit hard done by after what looked like a clear foul on Macca in the build up. That said, in claiming for the foul, we’ve switched off a bit a although it’s a great hit, we could’ve probably made it more difficult for them.


However, we regrouped at half time and spoke with the boys to believe in themselves and go and have a go at the top team in the division in the second period. They score a third goal with some good play but maybe through my Rovers tinted glasses it definitely looked offside in the first phase when Ross Coats made a good block. But we don’t stop and from them on had them penned back and we score a worldie of our own when Macca (Luke MacLean) gets a well-deserved goal. From there on, we huffed and puffed but couldn’t get that equaliser or maybe even winner we were pushing for.


Speaking to the boys after the game they now know the standards we want every week and the belief is always there from myself and the coaching staff. We couldn’t ask more from the boys today it’s a great group with encouraging signs.

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