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Coach Allan McDonald on Sygenta match

I don’t believe what I’m about to say but, sometimes winning isn’t everything!

In our case, I feel the lads have been producing consistent, hardworking performances and that coupled with no small amount of quality individual and collective contributions has served us well.

Even though tonight’s game was a 3-1 loss it felt a positive result against a very strong Syngenta side that is almost certain to go on to gain promotion this season. I know, unfortunately, you don’t accrue league points just for good and encouraging performances but I’m not in any doubt these lads will turn them into points more often than not. Tonight’s game was another case in point, losing an early goal it was looking very ominous but they gradually started to show that they can compete against these types of teams.

We are a very young side that are very eager to learn and in this current climate/generation is very rare! We will continue to work hard on the training ground and we have no doubt this group will continue to learn and progress.

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