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Ger on a disappointing home defeat

Sometimes you just have to accept you get exactly what you deserve in this game. Disappointingly for us, the group were just miles away in the first twenty minutes and that period absolutely killed us. Prior to kick off, we warned about complacency as this league is extremely competitive and unforgiving. Frustratingly however, I don’t think we won a second ball until the half hour mark and that’s just not us. There seemed to be a sense of a weekend hangover after such a high from the cup win at Inverkeithing. The long and short of it was we let ourselves down. The College took advantage of a couple of mistakes and we found ourselves exactly where we did not want to be. Sadly, we deserved nothing more at that point.

Going in at half time we knew we had to change it. Fraser (Stewart) and Stewart (Robertson) brought an energy that we had been lacking and Paul (Dickson) started organising things from deeper. We get a foothold back in the game and at least looked more competitive around the pitch. At the top end we looked a little brighter however it was as though it was just going to be one of those nights for us. Robbie (Renwick) deserves his goal but it just came too late in the day for a recovery.

Football has a certain way of reminding you that you can never get too far ahead of yourself. Last night was case in point. When better sides beat you, you have to hold your hands up but for me we beat ourselves with our sluggish start. The boys will bounce back though. We’ve got an extremely tough tie vs Broxburn Athletic at the weekend, a match made even harder by the switch of venues but c’est la vie as they say.

Finally we were extremely grateful to the large crowd that gathered last night. Frustratingly, the boys and myself can’t always get it right, and it definitely wasn’t a true reflection of the group but we move forward.

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