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Ger's reflection on Legends night

Where to begin?

Probably a starting point would be to say a massive thanks to everyone who made Friday night come together in the way in which it did.

Despite the weather, the town came out in force to witness what I felt was an extremely competitive game of football. There’s always a touch of apprehension when you are not selling tickets for these types of events, so we were a little unsure as to how well it would be received. However we shouldn’t have worried; we literally couldn’t have asked for much more on a night where you’d certainly forgive people for staying indoors.

For those that braved the elements, they would’ve witnessed our young Rovers giving a really good account of themselves against our Legends side who were literally bursting with quality. It no doubt made for an entertaining evening. Both teams tried to pass the ball in horrible conditions, and afterwards I had said to the lads in the young Rovers dressing room that from a footballing perspective they should be taking a lot away from it especially playing against guys like Murray (Davidson), Liam (Craig) and Steven (MacLean) who have all played at the top level for over a decade.

Personally for me though, to walk out with my wee one to see such a solid support from the community, and to play beside some old friends and guys I’ve admired throughout the years, I’m not sure it will ever get any better. It honestly gave me a lump in my throat. I’m just so grateful to everyone for answering the call and giving up so much of their time. Thankfully, and perhaps more importantly, with your help we will again be able to provide a little help to our charity partner Peeblesshire Foodbank.

To the management duo of Mike McDonald and “Sir” Neil Forsyth, the ex pros and all of the lads for pulling their boots back on to take on our young side, I thank you one final time! It blew all my expectations well out of the water. And also to the CG Elite kids for braving the elements and getting the ball back on the park so quickly; well maybe not so much for the latter part for some of us, you were all little stars!

I was joking prior to kick off that the last time I had played in Murray’s team was at Hampden Park under Mr Neil Forsyth and it’s probably fitting that the last time it might ever happen for the both of us took place on our own doorstep on a pitch where we once ran about as kids under the same man. I’ll genuinely take that to my grave. That’s what this game was all about for me and for the Legends team, a really good excuse to get some great guys back under the one roof and I think it all came together. I just hope it gave some of the old guard one final memory to take away from Whitestone Park as well.

Finally, I’d argue with anyone who thinks that community spirit is a thing of the past, that Peeblesshire and its surrounding areas are proof that it’s very much alive and well!

Tonight was maybe a small reminder to that if you give us a chance we can certainly create moments like this for the whole town.

From the bottom of my heart I genuinely thank you all for your support in this one!


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