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Ger's thoughts on a disappointing afternoon in Fife

Reflecting on yesterday, we finished the game with nine men so the result certainly does not reflect the performance.

The match itself is one that I’m probably better steering well clear of if truth be told, so these after notes won’t be in the same depth as they normally are.

After what was a really interesting forty five minutes the game then descended into chaos. For the record there wasn’t a bad tackle from either side all day but it just felt to us like interpretations of the game differed so I’ll just leave it at that.

From our point of view I felt we controlled the majority of the first half and after big Grado (Grant Wilson) danced around the back line and then the goalkeeper I felt going in at the break a goal to the good would’ve been a fair reflection. However, Thornton to their credit took advantage of the situation we were dealt with in the second half. I’ve just never seen anything like it and hope not to ever again. We let ourselves down though in the second half so there’s no point analysing it any deeper than that at this stage. The game was ruined but we have to look at it from within our own changing room and learn from it; myself included. Eleven vs eleven I don’t think we lose the game, one of which I felt was about to ignite for all the right reasons. But here we are. I’m always as gracious as I can be in defeat but yesterday felt a little different. Thornton Hibs were cuter than we were and we paid the ultimate price. We move on.

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