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Ger's thoughts on extra time cup defeat

“It’s a free hit” I honestly hate that term.

Going into today’s match I knew that most would not have given Peebles Rovers much of a chance in this cup tie. And to be fair the way the home support celebrated come the end of the 120 minutes against a side with 9 men for me told its own story.

Games like today in the balance of things can almost serve up as another sort of marker for the group. We spoke to the boys about what was in our own changing room prior to the game. The concentration was purely on ourselves. And for large parts it was once again hard to be anything but proud of our lads. I felt coming in at half time all square honestly flattered the hosts. On the balance of the game, we had no doubt passed up the better of the chances. Once again (Michael) Joyce, (Grant) Wilson and (Harry) McGill asked plenty of questions in the final third and I felt as a back five we were so well organised. Callum (Mackenzie) has been a standout these past few weeks and Gregor (Lamb), playing in a much deeper role than we’d probably like, was outstanding for 120 minutes. Doddsy (James Dodds) and Mikey (Bardhi) in the full back position also never put a foot wrong. And Ross (Coats) when called upon shows why he’s played at the levels he has as a youth player. I’ll end up going through the whole team at this rate but to a man the boys more than gave us everything they had once again with the whole midfield putting in a fantastic shift. You know we’ve played against Whitburn in my reign on three occasions and during every one of them we’ve frustrated them and been well within the contest. There’s no getting away from the quality they possess but today we took part in a proper cup tie. Who’d have thought coming away from the game today we’d feel a sense of frustration in not being in the hat for the next round.

I’ll honestly tell anyone that wants to listen that these boys are no doubt carrying the can in a unique way. Not one of them chaps the door for a penny and every single player turns up for all the right reasons. It’s unheard of. Especially in today’s climate. Don’t get me wrong, they know when they drop below the expected levels they will be well reminded however today they show their qualities and then some. 120 minutes and finishing with nine men, that kills us and we have to be a bit more street wise. I’ve still to watch the game back but from my view point the ordering offs are so soft. I can’t remember a bad tackle in the game from either side, but it seems to be our luck at the moment. Getting back to the positives though there were plenty. We have to maintain these levels and transfer them over to the league campaign. Ormiston is a huge game next weekend and the boys know that they will have to once again go above and beyond. There’s no margin for error.

A frustrating day at the office but again it’s hard not to be proud of them.

I’d also personally like to pass on our best wishes to “Mikey” and his girlfriend on the birth of their baby boy. We have a new wee Rover to come and cheer us on! We’d also like to thank Mikey’s better half for allowing him to come and play in today’s game. The boys send their love and best wishes to the family.

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