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Paul's thoughts on 3 points on the road

This was a victory the boys thoroughly deserved after all their hard work of late and it was very much a squad performance.


I felt we controlled the game from start to finish apart from one crucial moment where we switched off and Kennoway took advantage and scored. However, over the piece, we weren’t really troubled in all honesty and merited the win.


I thought the shape and our tempo and the way we played in the conditions was probably my most enjoyable performance as manager. But that’s not down to me that’s down to the players and everything they’ve taken on board. We introduced a different system when I took over and naturally it’s taken time for everyone to adapt but they’ve all bought into it and we really reaped the rewards yesterday.


We’ve said it before though, you can put everything out there for the boys but if they really have the will to win they will be very competitive. If we just keep doing what we know we are good at and capable of then they’re more than good enough and we will just look to gather momentum and a run of results to push us up where we feel we should be.


The starting eleven and all the subs came together yesterday and it was a sign of what this group is all about; togetherness and a close bond of mates.


We’ve got eight matches left and hopefully now we get more results in the run and days like yesterday will come more often than not. That’s what we deserve but we know we need to apply ourselves correctly to ensure we reach our potential.

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